The Good Guy’s Guide to Getting the Girl


“Apparently Cinderella needs her Prince Charming, so I spent the evening dressed in bright yellow three-quarter-length trousers, and a coat with far too many buttons.

I’d finally had it with Ball Gown women.”

Jason Smith, 29, self-confessed ‘good guy’, is single. Finally.

But now that he is, all the girls he’d happily give up one side of his bed for – like, for instance, his old school crush Melanie Jackson – are long gone. Or married. Or crazy. Or inexplicably obsessed with the office heart-throb, Gary.

Or are they? Has Jason stumbled on a fool-proof way to meet the kind of exciting, fun woman he’s always dreamed about – or is he about to gamble his career, his friendships, and any hope of future romance, on a schoolboy fantasy?

From best-selling author Peter Jones comes this quirky comedy romance, about guys, girls, and finding love at the turn of the millennium.

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