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The Truth About This Charming Man

All William Lewis ever wanted in life, was to be an actor.

That is until he met Rachel.

Beautiful. Beguiling. Sharp as a tack. Rachel’s almost as appealing as a life in theatre. Unfortunate then that she happens to be married. To cut-throat venture capitalist Michael Richmond. So that’s the end of that.

Or is it?

Although Will’s never actually been on stage, or immortalised in celluloid, or appeared in a TV commercial, he’s still made a reasonable living out of pretending to be people he’s not. So when two of his ‘roles’ collide – seemingly by complete coincidence – well, maybe there’s a way he can be with Rachel after all…

From best-selling author Peter Jones comes this hilarious romp about love, truth, deception, and the spaces in-between.

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Reader reviews

Having read all of Peter’s other books I was really looking forward to this novel … and it didn’t disappoint.
It’s not often that I genuinely laugh out loud reading a book, but this book has some real gems in it and I challenge anyone to not find this a page turner. A great plot, many twists and adventures along the way and once again Mr Jones has created characters who all share quirky personality traits of people that we all know!! Well done!

I’ve read and really enjoyed both fiction and non-fiction books written by Peter Jones before and had been wondering what he would come up with next; this is great! As I was reading it, I could see it playing out as a television series in my mind; one that would have a great number of loyal viewers talking about it and finding it hard to wait for the next instalment. I love the central plot idea, and Jones has played with it really well, adding twists and turns along the way. Truly enjoyable. I recommend this book to you!
Pat Rutland

Having enjoyed Jones’s last novel (The Good Guy’s Guide to Getting the Girl) I was intrigued but also nervous about reading his second – what if it was duff? Thankfully it isn’t. It’s about an actor (Will) who hasn’t been in anything you would have seen because his ‘roles’ are played out in real life. It’s a bit bonkers but it’s highly entertaining. Deception and all sorts of plot twists – I would definitely recommend it. Looking forward to the next one now.

You know when you don’t really know what you fancy reading next………….and you find yourself scrolling through Amazon hoping that something will catch your eye? Well that was me the other day. I had no idea what I wanted but I knew I wanted a change from my usual thriller. The cover and title of ‘The Truth About This Charming Man’ caught my attention. It’s not the sort of book I tend to read but I thought I would give it a go. I’m really glad I did. The opening chapter had me hooked. The book was well written, funny and has opened my eyes to a whole new genre – that can’t be bad can it? I was really surprised at how involved the story was, I always expected ‘Chick Lit’ to just bumble along but this story had all sorts of twists and turns in it. The characters were believable and the story kept my interest throughout. Well done Mr Jones……I’m a little hooked! I’m ready for more!

I love Peter’s visual style of writing, so had high hopes for this book, and wasn’t in the least disappointed. He really manages to bring the characters to life, especially the inimitable Zlata, but even the less central characters very quickly show their eccentricities. I.e. Jim, another frustrated actor who has turned to prop-making.
Valerie UK

This is a great read, funny with characters I could care about.
I like books that are in some way a little different so the act and scene layout of this book ticked that box whilst also making me want to see this on stage.
I found myself snatching moments to read it using my kindle app on my phone rather than wait for when I could use a better sized reader. To me that’s sign of an enjoyable book.
Mark Amar

Amusing tale of love, truth, deception and all sorts of unexpected twists. Loved the characters too. Zlata can be my ‘special friend’ any time she wants. Well done again, Mr Jones.
Munir Zaman

I loved loved LOVED this unusual, witty novel! Will is an out of work actor, who lands a job posing as a boyfriend of a gay businesswoman, which then leads to other ‘acting’ roles in a farce which twists and turns as it escalates…
The best character is probably Zlata, Will’s eastern European agent/best friend, who will stay with me for a long time. An excellent read and highly recommended.
‘A Reader’


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