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polaroidlove public speaking. And these days rarely a week goes by when I’m not invited to speak at a WI, TWG, U3A, Round Table, or some other group, and I’d be delighted to come to yours.

HTDEABH (small)My usual talk (entitled: How To Do Everything And Be Happy) tells the story of how I came to write my How To books, how I landed a book deal with audible and Harper Collins, as well as how I met my wife Kate and the influence that she had on my life. It’s all pretty light hearted, with a couple of surprises along the way. HIMKM (small)

My follow up talk (entitled: How I met Kylie Minogue) tells the story of what happened after I’d written my How To books, how I came to write my first novel, and how Kylie broke down outside my house and needed to use my telephone – or would have done if there was any justice in this universe. Again, it’s an hour of light hearted nonsense.

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