ePublishing Course – Bournemouth 1st December

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If you’re a long-time reader of this blog then you’ll know that I originally self-published How To Do Everything and Be Happy, as an ebook, and then a paperback, and that the sales went so well that the second edition was snapped up by audible.com (the audio book people) and re-published by Harper Collins (new paperback version available to pre-order now on amazon or download as an e-bookblah blah blah) .

A spin off of all this self-publishing malarkey was being asked if I’d like to run a two part mini-course on “e-publishing” as part of the Swanwick Summer Writer’s School. I did, and it was a blast! So much so that I’m doing it again, in Bournemouth, on the 1st of December! I humbly present to you…

ePublishing – (self) Publishing & Publicity in the digital age

Course Content

Whether you want to publish a print book, an e-book, or even an audio book, this one day course will ensure that your first steps in the world of e-publishing are in the right direction.

In the morning we’ll be covering the different options available to the modern e-publisher, how to get started, and pitfalls to avoid. In the afternoon we cover the real work of e-publishing – publicity – with a whistle stop tour of websites, blogging, facebook, twitter, reviews, competitions, give-aways, and pricing.

Is the Course for you?

This course is aimed at those who think they might want to self-publish a work of fiction or non-fiction that is mainly, or completely, text. It may also be of interest to established self-published authors who are struggling with book-marketing, or who aren’t seeing the book sales they would like.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the day you’ll know everything you need to know about ePublishing, the skills required, the costs involved, whether it’s for you, and how to get started.

You’ll also have a step-by-step marketing plan tailored to your own personal skills, abilities and time constraints.

Time and Cost

Saturday 1st December 2012

10.00 am (prompt)
to 4.00 pm (not-so-prompt)

A mere £35.00. Payable in advance (no payment on the day please).
Places are limited so please book early. Hey, why not do it now!

Book your online, via credit card or paypal. Just click here


PelhamsPark, Millhams Road, Kinson,Bournemouth, BH10 7LH


Drop me a line via the Stay In Touch page.

The world of public speaking – UPDATE

Oi! Pay attention!
This post has been ‘archived’  because things have moved on quite a bit since I wrote it.

To read something a tad more current, click here 

So, following the rip-roaring success of my first How To Do Everything and Be Happy workshop (back in November), there’s been no stopping me.

Monday I went and gave the same workshop to a fab group of Mum’s (Hello Jensine & pals!) who made me feel very welcome. Next month I’m speaking at a discussion group in Chelmsford. You already know that I’m one of the authors taking part in the Essex Book Festival (March 2012), and later this year I’m one of the tutors at Swanwick’s Summer Writer’s School (more on that nearer the time).

I’m also pleased to announce that I’m doing another Workshop on the 23rd February, with a follow up event on the 22nd March at the Therapy Life Centre here in sunny Southend-on-Sea, just a few doors down from Southend General Hospital.

So – I hear you ask – what exactly happens at these workshops?

Well, on the 23rd Feb we’ll briefly cover the three causes of unhappiness, make ourselves feel better by identifying and blaming the culprits, then move right along for an evening of brainstorming and happiness planning.

On the 22nd of March we’ll briefly re-cap the previous workshop, find out how you’ve got along and tackle any problems you may have encountered. We’ll also discuss the power of Boxing Day, and set about creating a Now List.

If this sounds like your bag then why not come along. Tickets are only a tenner (£18 for both events). To book simply call the Therapy Life Centre direct on 01702 433959 or via credit card over on the How To Do Everything and Be Happy blog.

In the meantime if you’d like to book me to talk at your group or society feel free to get in touch. You can find out more on the Talks and Workshop page.

UPDATE – Entering the world of 'Public Speaking'

Oi! Pay attention!
This post has been ‘archived’  because things have moved on quite a bit since I wrote it.

To read something a tad more current, click here 

It’s been just over a year since I first put finger to keyboard to write How To Do Everything and Be Happy, and this week (some 3,000 book sales later), I was pleased to announce the first How To Do Everything and Be Happy workshop, taking place THIS THURSDAY (24th November 2011), here in sunny Southend-on-Sea, just a few doors down from Southend General Hospital at the newly opened Therapy Life Centre. There are only a few places left!

I’m no stranger to standing in front of an audience. For years I’ve been an occasional actor and MC for Third Edge Theatre Company’s Murder Mystery evenings at Hylands House, in Chelmsford, and when I was working in banking much of my time was spent running training sessions. But this feels different. If I’m honest, it’s a little scary.

If you’re a big-reader of self-help you’ll probably be familiar with workshops, seminars, and the like. Large halls packed with badge wearing delegates, all facing the stage and podium in readiness for a motivational speaker who will cause you to question everything you believe, shake the foundations of all you hold dear, and force you to reconsider every assumption you’ve ever made.

This isn’t going to be one of those workshops.

This is going to be workshop for normal people, with normal lives. It’s for anyone who may have been ambling through life and wondering why they’re not – well – just that little bit happier. It’s going to be an evening of brainstorming and happiness planning, and after two hours I’m hoping to have armed everyone with enough goodies (INCLUDING the paperback version of my book) that they can return home and start creating a happier life. Wow. No pressure then! Put like that I don’t feel scared at all!!

Anyway, the workshop is at 7:30pm, on Thursday the 24th November, and costs just £18.00.

Right now this looks like this could be the first of many speaking gigs. I’m currently in discussion with four organisations about the possibilities of doing a talk, a workshop, or something similar in the new year. I can’t tell you much more than that at the moment, but check back later and click on talks and workshops for more details (or save yourself the bother and subscribe to this blog via email).

In the meantime, if you have any tips, hints, words of encouragement, or just know where I can get my hands on a truck load of Valium, feel free to use the comments box below.

Click here (or the YouTube link below) to listen to a BBC interview about the book the workshop is based on