Chatting to Michelle Ward on Phoenix FM…

Last week (ish) I was invited back to Phoenix FM to talk to Michelle Ward about my latest novel ‘My Girlfriend’s Perfect Ex-Boyfriend’.

Now I know you’re probably all sick to death of me plugging the latest book (this’ll be the last one for a while – promise!) but the interview was such fun to do that I couldn’t not share it with you.

I’ve done a fair few radio interviews over the past few years (you can find them all here or on youtube), but of all the radio shows I’ve been on, Michelle’s interviews are my favourite. Yes, she takes the mickey out of me on air, and yes, she keeps me on my toes with her completely random comments or questions, but it’s all part of the fun.

This interview was quite long (about twenty minutes), with breaks for commercials and traffic and all that jazz, so I’ve broken it into two parts, and Michelle’s rather cleverly edited out all the ads for double glazing.

In this first part, Michelle asked me how I became an author in the first place, which somehow ended up in a discussion about how to meet the man or woman of your dreams on facebook. See what I mean? You wouldn’t get that on the Radio 2. If you can’t see a big PLAY button in an image below, click here.

In the second part we finally got around to discussing My Girlfriend’s Perfect Ex-Boyfriend. I told her how the story came about, why the cover was such a pain to get right, and who would play the three main characters should the book ever get made into a movie.

Again, if you can’t see a big PLAY button, click or tap here.

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This’ll be my last plug of My Girlfriend’s Perfect Ex-Boyfriend for a while, which means two things:

  1. Your email inbox is about to get a lot less interesting and
  2. that the price of my third and arguably best novel will be going back up very, very soon. To avoid missing out on getting a fantastic laugh-out-loud read that costs less than a cup of coffee, click or tap here to visit amazon – or type BuyTheBook.TODAY into your web browser.

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Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da



Recently I’ve had a spate of emails asking me how on earth I’ve managed to shift so many copies of my book, How To Do Everything and Be Happy (1,296 copies last month (October 2011), on amazon, in the UK, and rising).

The official answer is, of course, that it’s a bloody good book and how dare you suggest otherwise. But unofficially even I will admit that there may be more to it than that. After all, no one knows just how good it is until they read it and for that to happen something else has to persuade them to part with some cash.

I have three pet theories.

1) My name. People tend to remember my name. They’re then quite surprised how different I look on telly, and the fact that I haven’t arrived by helicopter. Not to mention that I don’t own a department store.

2) The Title. People really like the title. Which is relief as I originally wanted to call it How To Be Happy, then The Happiness Blueprint, then So You Want To Be Happy, before finally settling on How To Do Everything and Be Happy. Phew!

3) The cover. People really really like the cover.

I can’t take any credit for number three. Both the ebook and paperback covers were designed by my good friend Ellen – who having taken my suggestions into consideration, ignored them completely and blew my socks off with the colourful creation you see today.

Ellen is an extremely talented young woman. Together with her business partner and fellow wordsmith Dan (hello Dan), they run Stalk and Seed, an advertising agency that’s going places. If you’re of a mind and you get a moment you should check out their funky website at

But in the meantime I thought I’d share with you the following video that they helped create for Sir Paul McCartney (to be played behind him and the band during the American leg of his world tour)! It basically involved locking Ellen in a room for two weeks with a huge blackboard and getting her to draw whatever came to mind to the song Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, with occasional input on the phone from Sir Paul himself. The result is pretty stunning. Like I said, talented young woman.

If you’re reading this in your email or you can’t see the video – click here