What I thought of… I Frankenstein #Movie #Review


Keep meaning to post this; saw I, Frankenstein the other night. Wowsers. Total drivel. I mean, really bad.

Sadly it’s quite a good concept, it’s just that no one thought to commission a writer to come up with a script. Or if they did and just paid him peanuts. Or someone pretty declared themselves a script writer and that was enough for the man in charge of the budget. Whatever. It’s a big fat miss.

(On a side note though, the Battle of Los Angeles which is on Film 4 at the moment and stars the same guy, is a modern day b-movie which starts really badly and just gets better and better until actually it’s quite good) Want to have a look? – ok here you go… the trailer.

Brace yourself if for the I, Frankenstein trailer – here, or below.