Peter's Gift List

You’ve reached this page because..

  1. you’d like to buy me a gift of some sorts (for which I thank you in advance), and..
  2. you’ve only got a few days to get the gift and you haven’t got a clue what to get! (which I wholeheartedly appreciate is a frustrating and stressful situation to be in).

Well Relax.
Take a few deep breaths.
Sit crossed legged if that helps.
Let go of your pain.
Inner peace will follow in a few words time.

On this page you’ll find various gift ideas. Some expensive. Some less so. All of them extremely welcome. And most of them purchasable (if that’s a word) in just a few clicks.. you don’t even need to leave your chair.

So moving on.. the gift list..


Search options

Remember this? Well earlier this year mine slipped off the shelf and exploded into a million tiny slithers. I was completely gutted. Though no one else seems to understand why I like these things I think they’re quite beautiful.









 Amazon Wish List

Click here to see my amazon wish list

There are LOADS of items on my amazon wish list right now and not all of them are DVDs or books! What’s more I’ve ranked all the items so you can see which ones I really really want, and which ones I’d be quite pleased with.

Remember, these are items I’d actually like. Whether you like them really is irrelevant. 😉


ITunes Gift Certificates

Click here to purchase an iTunes gift card

Nothing on my Amazon gift list took your fancy then ? That’s ok. Let me encourage you instead to give me some iTunes spending power!

Buying me an iTunes voucher will allow me to purchase music, audio books, or applications. Although buying me an iTunes voucher might feel like a real cop-out, it isn’t. It really isn’t. I will be absolutely delighted. I get an enormous amount of pleasure browsing iTunes, buying the odd track here and there, it’s all part of the fun. Each music track costs just 89p. So, your gift will be like buying me a whole wad of guilt free pleasure time.



If you’re reading this page thinking, “who the hell is this person”, and “how presumptuous to put his gift list online” then I think we can safely assume you got here by accident and this isn’t the page you were looking for.

Clicking here will take you off to a place where you can restart your surf of the information super highway. Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about the recipient of the gifts on this page and the webmaster of this site, click here.


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