What I thought of… X-Men: Days of Future Past #movie #review


Another film I’ve seen this week is X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Here’s a picture of Wolverine watching the same film. How do I know? Because he’s wearing an expression that clearly says “are we ever going to find out how Professor Xavier came back from the dead?”

The answer Wolverine, me ol’ mate, is no. You’ll sit there for two hours, like I did, wondering why the writers seem to have ignored the inconvenient fact that they killed off one of the characters in a previous movie, rather than coming up with some sort of story line to explain it. Grrrr.

I’m really going off these superhero movies.

Incase I haven’t put you off and you want a superhero fix the trailer it is below or here.

What I thought of… Lucy #Movie #Review

Finally got around to watching Lucy last night. I really like director Luc Besson so I had very high hopes. Were they met? I’m not sure.

It was a very good film, but I was kinda left thinking that Mr Besson had come up with an idea, written a screenplay, secured two of the biggest names in Hollywood, and then started filming, when a few days thinking between having the idea and writing the screenplay might have resulted in something absolutely amazing. Something on a par with The Matrix when that first came out and we all went “Woah!”

I remember Neil Gaiman saying something along the lines that a really good story is the combination of TWO good ideas, and that’s what this film needed; ANOTHER good idea, to combine with the one it has.

The concept is similar to Limitless (it could almost be a prequel) which in my mind is the better movie, trailer here

Let me know what you think of Lucy. The trailer is below or here.

What I thought of… The Grand Budapest Hotel #Movie #Review


Saw The Grand Budapest Hotel last night.

A far-fetched tall-tale of a comedy with exaggerated larger than life characters. I enjoyed it. Very much so. Would watch it again in a heartbeat. Might watch it tonight.

BUT… who is the girl in the cemetery at the start and the end of the film??? I feel like I’m supposed to know, but I don’t.
And the fact that the film kind of just ‘ends’, leaving you thinking, “oh, was that it? Did I miss something?” underlines that feeling.
That said, 30 minutes of googling hasn’t answered my question, so I maybe I didn’t miss anything after all. Watch it. See what you think.

If you haven’t seen the trailer and are intrigued then here it is, or just click the screen below.

What I thought of… I Frankenstein #Movie #Review


Keep meaning to post this; saw I, Frankenstein the other night. Wowsers. Total drivel. I mean, really bad.

Sadly it’s quite a good concept, it’s just that no one thought to commission a writer to come up with a script. Or if they did and just paid him peanuts. Or someone pretty declared themselves a script writer and that was enough for the man in charge of the budget. Whatever. It’s a big fat miss.

(On a side note though, the Battle of Los Angeles which is on Film 4 at the moment and stars the same guy, is a modern day b-movie which starts really badly and just gets better and better until actually it’s quite good) Want to have a look? – ok here you go… the trailer.

Brace yourself if for the I, Frankenstein trailer – here, or below.

What I thought of… The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Definitely, Maybe #Movie #Review

          mitty                  maybe

Saw two films over the weekend. One that I really wanted to see, one that I didn’t. One that blew me away, and one that I switched off half way through and vowed to slaughter the cast and crew and should I ever meet them.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was DREADFUL – which was doubly disappointing as I’ve been wanting to see it for ages. It starts really well, very quirky, nice set up and then it’s like, “hey, did anyone write a script?” “Er, no” “Oh, ok, no worries, we’ll just wing it – that’ll work right?” The result is a weak story around a missing photographic negative, interspersed with odd fantasy scenes that fail to move the story on, and a romance sub-plot that’s stunningly rubbish.

Below is the trailer, or you can watch it here.

Definitely, Maybe on the other hand looks like it’s going to be awful (even this trailer is somewhat cringeworthy) – I literally only watched it because there was nothing better. But, it turns out to be an absolute delight. If you’re a fan of good rom coms, tight scripts, and clever dialogue, this should be right up your street.

Click below to watch the trailer or watch it over on youtube.

What I thought of… About Time #Movie #Review


Right then, last night I saw About Time.

If you saw The Time Traveler’s Wife and were as gutted as I am with how they threw away a fantastic opportunity to create a stonking time-travel movie, you’ve probably spent many an hour bitterly wishing it were actually possible to travel back through time and have another crack at it. Well somehow Richard Curtis appears to have done just that.

This is pretty much that same story, sort of, with one of the same cast, only done over here, done better, and in his trade mark style. Don’t be put off by the misleading movie poster (as I was) – this film kicks ass.

If you enjoyed The Boat That Rocked, or Love Actually, you will LOVE this.

Ready for the trailer? Ok, it’s here or below.

What I thought of… Before I Go To Sleep #movie #review


Last night finally got around to seeing Before I Go To Sleep​.

It’s ‘ok‘.

Imagine the plot of Fifty First Dates​ …but sent in an entirely different direction, as if Alfred Hitchcock​ had been at the reigns.

Would I watch it again? Probably not. It was a good story, lots of twists and turns, solid performances from a strong cast, but… well… it felt like there was something missing. In the closing minutes I found myself waiting for a REALLY big twist… one that that would knock me off my chair and reward me for my investment… but… nothing. Which was a shame. Maybe I’m just hard to please.

What did you guys think?

What I thought of… RIPD #Movie #Review

So the other night I saw R.I.P.D. It was… ok.

We got it because the trailer made us laugh. The concept and storyline is pretty good. It’s kind of Men In Black meets Ghost Busters, but it falls short of both those classic feel-good movies by a) being extremely hard to hear (I swear all the actors were mumbling) and b) the script appears to have been dashed off the night before filming.

Real shame.

With the exception of Kevin Bacon it’s got a strong cast.

Here is the trailer, or you can watch it here.

What I thought about… Transcendence #Movie #Review


Finally got to see this last night. Still trying to figure out what I thought of it.

I think the problem this film has is that you never really get the sense that Johnny Depp’s transcended character is actually ‘bad’. So as the film progresses the ‘good guys’ (the ones with the guns who do all the shooting) seem more and more misguided. You start to think, “let the AI change the whole blinkin’ world and network the whole human race! Can it be any worse than what we have?” That feeling is amplified when Will finally manages to become ‘human’ again and loses the whole ‘I’m sorry Dave I can’t do that’ aspect to his personality. So when the ‘good guys’ (with their guns) finally win the day the whole film is ultimately unsatisfying.

Trailer? Ok here it is…….or I’ve made it even easier by including it below.