Poem for you (whilst I test something technical)

dramatic sneezeRight then, the beady eyed amongst you will have noticed that there, over on the right, I’ve introduced a SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG widget. Does it work? I have absolutely no idea! So I’m going to test it, and unfortunately there’s no way of doing this without actually writing a blog post. So here’s a little ditty I wrote back in 2009.

Poem for you

why do you put up with me?

When I cough
and I sneeze
and I yawn
and I wheeze
and I offer you tea
when you’ve already
had three?

Is it because

we touch,
and we kiss,
and each other,
we miss,
when we are apart.
Have I captured
your heart?

interesting sneeze

Don't Wait – things my wife might say to God, exactly 39 months after the day we met.




Dear God,

Firstly, I suppose I should tell you that I don’t believe in you.
That’s got that out of the way.
I hope it’s not going to be a problem between us.

The thing is, I died.
Earlier than I would have liked, if I’m honest.
For whilst it was always my intention to get around to it eventually,
there were a few things I would have liked to have done first.

For starters, I’d made so many new friends.
There are so many more people in my life than there were before.
And I was kind of getting used to that.
I would have liked to have seen them a bit more.
I’d always assumed that I would.

Also, despite my self confessed lack of faith
I became a God Mother.
To two little people
who’d never known a life without me in it.
Making those vows,
using your words,
in your house,
was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.
But I did it
For the first time in my life I was
and that meant so much to me.
Couldn’t you have let me keep those promises a little longer?

Being an aunt made me rethink the whole
“kids thing”.
Like – “perhaps I might like a couple of my own”.
And – “perhaps I might have actually made quite a good mother”.
If only I’d had the chance.

And whilst I’m pouring out my heart
I need to mention
the books.
Have you any idea how many books there are that need to be read?
That was a lot of work right there!
I had only just gotten started!

And let’s not forget the mountain of “chocolate” –
don’t get me started on that missed opportunity!

And, oh yes..
I got married.
To my best friend.
And though, at times, it wasn’t easy,
I always knew that I’d found my soul mate.

Which, I might add, is pretty amazing for someone who doesn’t,
believe in “souls”.

And God,
we were really just getting to the good bit.
The really good bit.

We had so many plans.
Some of them were bonkers of course.
Some of them made the aforementioned friends look at us in strange ways.
But they were our plans.
Me, and Peter’s.
Doing a few more of them would have been nice.

So with all this in mind, I think you owe me.
Peter would be the first to tell me that “having one over on God” isn’t a popular idea in most major world religions,
but as you didn’t really give me long enough to upgrade from atheist to – say – agnostic,
I think you can cut me some slack.

I want to pass on a message.
And I’d like to do it without the aid of some gypsy woman whooping and wailing and talking about “a presence”.

I need to let people know,
that they don’t get long.
As in, they don’t get long enough.
And that if they have anything that they need to say
Or something they need to do
That they should say it now
Or do it now


Not later.
Don’t wait.

Memories – in memory of my Grandfather




my grandfather
was a fascinating man
what I learnt in history, was still just a memory to him
he’d tell me stories
about the war, places he’d been, things he’d seen
and about growing up, where he lived, him & Yogie, his brothers, his dad
it was a different world
and his memory seemed to reach back, further than was possible

my grandfather
knew a lot of stuff
he made me realise that knowing stuff is a good thing
I enjoyed listening to his opinions on things I enjoyed watching him argue with my Dad

he was wise
he was philosophical
even now his words rattle around in my head:
“as one door closes, another one opens”
“insurance is nothing more than legalised gambling, and you’ll never win”
“an accountant is a man who can tell you how much it costs to have a wastepaper basket next to your desk”
and he was humble
he was always keen to know more stuff
even from me
and I was just a kid

my grandfather
spent time with me
we went up to London together
he showed me his London, and I showed him mine
I went to his office one day
he showed me computers before anyone I knew had ever seen a computer
he taught me chess
he taught me “patience”
he showed me articles from National Geographic magazine
he sat in the chair, and I sat on the floor
I wish I could have stayed there for ever

my grandfather
treated me like no-one else
he shook my hand
like I was a man
but I was just a kid.

my grandfather
was my Granddad

In loving memory of my grandfather, Arthur Bradley, who passed away on the 21st January 2005.
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