So, here’s the thing. I’ve been working on a new novel.

That probably hasn’t come as much of a shock – that is, after all, what
novelists are supposed to do.

Here’s how my writing regime currently looks.

  • I average 2 writing days, per week.
  • I average 5 hours per writing day.
  • And I average, 200 words per hour.

Now, I used to post these kind of writing stats on facebook, along with my expected completion date and a funny or curious picture relating to the scene I’d been working on but then I stopped.

“Why?” I hear you ask (okay, okay – you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you anyway.)

Because those writing stats aren’t really very good. Two days a week!? Only 200 words per hour? That’s pathetic! Most of my writing chums could equal what I turn out once a week, in one sitting.

So I stopped.

Although that’s not the real reason I stopped.

Want to know what was? (Okay, okay – you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway!)

Because I’m afraid of completing this novel.

Right now, I think this book is probably the best thing I’ve ever written, by far.

BUT I am taking a few risks:

It’s quite a deviation from stuff I’ve written before; for one thing it features a female protagonist. Who’s 18. And I am, in case you hadn’t noticed I’m a man.

It’s also darker, less comedic, and based on a true story.

It’s set in 1983 and at the moment, there’s no clear happy-ever-after… blimey.

So if I finish this thing, and no one likes it well that’s a LOT of time I’ve just wasted!

Hence my procrastinating!

Fortunately however I have YOU!

How d’you fancy being part of my personal cheer leading squad? It’s quite a simple job. All I need is for you to ask me, every now and then, how the book’s coming along. Ask m how many words I’ve managed to churn out recently. Ask me if I’ve started editing yet. Ask me if the book will be finished by Christmas.

You can also help inspire me. If you were around in 1983, what memories do you have of back then? What clothes did you wear? What music did you listen to? Did you have big hair? All this stuff is useful to know.

Leaving a comment below, or on facebook, or even on twitter.

In the meantime I best get back to writing.

2 thoughts on “1983

  1. Afternoon Peter.
    You addressed my WI group last night on your various books. It was very amusing and instructive, and I had every intention of buying an actual paper copy of “How to do everything etc”. But, as is usual, I was waylaid by a call from my daughter who in teenage drama fashion, had a major crisis going on that apparently only I could solve. So, I had to buy a Kindle version when I got in after my top of the range Mum’s Taxi appearance. Based on your advice, I blocked out all lunchtime today, and went to a piano recital that was going on near my office, where I sat and thought blissful thoughts…. One Happy Point to me!!
    So, a big thank you for that.
    I have also bigged you up to a very stressed and unhappy friend of mine. I am hoping that she will become a disciple and use your methods to cheer herself up, instead of relying on me. Which will then be TWO Happy Points!
    I plan to take her with me to the next recital, so she can think blissful thoughts at lunchtime too. Happy Points all round, I hope. ( If not, then she is on her own…………)

    Best regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Susan! Well good for you! You had a ‘Boxing Lunchtime’! Great idea 🙂

      I’m sorry that you ended up buying the kindle version of ‘Happy” – for reasons best known to Harper Collins, it’s only a couple of quid cheaper than the paperback!

      Anyway, here’s hoping your stressed and unhappy friend takes your advice. If you fancy buying her a signed copy of ‘Happy’ to force the point home you’ll find a link half way down this page: https://peterjonesauthor.wordpress.com/books/how-to-do-everything-and-be-happy/

      Here’s hoping I get invited back to WINK to entertain you all with another talk. if I do, be sure to come up and say hello! Until then, if you’re on facebook you’ll find me here: https://www.facebook.com/peterjonesspeaker/reviews/

      All the best

      Peter 🙂


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