What I thought of… I Frankenstein #Movie #Review


Keep meaning to post this; saw I, Frankenstein the other night. Wowsers. Total drivel. I mean, really bad.

Sadly it’s quite a good concept, it’s just that no one thought to commission a writer to come up with a script. Or if they did and just paid him peanuts. Or someone pretty declared themselves a script writer and that was enough for the man in charge of the budget. Whatever. It’s a big fat miss.

(On a side note though, the Battle of Los Angeles which is on Film 4 at the moment and stars the same guy, is a modern day b-movie which starts really badly and just gets better and better until actually it’s quite good) Want to have a look? – ok here you go… the trailer.

Brace yourself if for the I, Frankenstein trailer – here, or below.

2 thoughts on “What I thought of… I Frankenstein #Movie #Review

  1. Looks like another case of effects before story. How come so many films have such dire dialogue! Thanks for the warning.


    1. Thing is Linda it’s an excellent story. Sure, it’s basically the same story as Van Helsing (which was pretty good in my mind), but that’s ok. Stories are told, and retold, and the good ones especially so – and that’s no bad thing so long as they’re re-told well. But in this case they threw a fabulous opportunity away, and I’m left wondering just how much a decent script writer costs compared to all those CGI special effects they throw at movies?


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