What I thought about… Transcendence #Movie #Review


Finally got to see this last night. Still trying to figure out what I thought of it.

I think the problem this film has is that you never really get the sense that Johnny Depp’s transcended character is actually ‘bad’. So as the film progresses the ‘good guys’ (the ones with the guns who do all the shooting) seem more and more misguided. You start to think, “let the AI change the whole blinkin’ world and network the whole human race! Can it be any worse than what we have?” That feeling is amplified when Will finally manages to become ‘human’ again and loses the whole ‘I’m sorry Dave I can’t do that’ aspect to his personality. So when the ‘good guys’ (with their guns) finally win the day the whole film is ultimately unsatisfying.

Trailer? Ok here it is…….or I’ve made it even easier by including it below.

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