How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim


I’m back! Did you miss me? What d’you mean you hadn’t realised that I’ve been away. Tch! Typical.

The truth is I’ve been working on a number of things – so many things that at times it’s been hard to see the spinning plates for all the broken crockery – but finally, after many weeks, a couple of these projects are coming to fruition, and I’d rather like to tell you about them.

Firstly I’m just finishing up my NEXT book. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll remember that back in February I mentioned that I was negotiating a three book deal. The second edition of How To Do Everything and Be Happy is the first book in that deal, and I’m pleased to announce (officially) that How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim will be the second.

How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim isn’t a diet book. Not in the traditional sense. It’s a book packed full of thought provoking, scientifically-provable, ideas and changes you can make to your life to increase your chances of being slim.

It’s a mixture of hard science (eg. how hunger really works), quick ‘cheats’ (eg. how to make zero fat chips), psychological techniques (eg. why focusing on your food as you eat is really important), ingenious strategies (eg. how to cut down on sugar without going cold turkey), and easy peasy recipes (eg. my roast potato & egg smashup breakfast or my co-author’s apple ginger clafouti) – all wrapped up in an easy-to-digest, humourous read from authors who’ve been where you are now.

Yes that’s right. Authors. Plural.

I’m co-writing the book with author, teacher, editor, dog-whisperer, regular contributor to Writers’ Forum magazine and slimming guru, Della Galton. Della has had about a thousand short stories published in various magazines over the last twenty years (I’m not exaggerating – 1,000 short stories) as well as goodness knows how many books (every time I think I know about all of them she casually mentions another published under a different name, or by a different publisher, or in large print only, or on Mars). It’s a little daunting writing along side a real author. Obviously I’m a real author too, but she’s, well, you know, MORE real.

Good grief. Another book by Della Galton.Actually, whilst we’re talking about Della I might as well mention that today is her twenty eighth birthday (hang on, doesn’t that mean that she was first published when she was… hmmmm..) And, just to prove my earlier point, it coincides with the release of a short story anthology series, ‘Daily Della‘ – bite sized chunks of fiction ideal for your daily coffee break.

But less about Della. She’s got her own blog. Back to me.

How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim will be available in paperback, for all amazon Kindle-reader enabled devices (such as that smart phone you’re reading this on), and – wait for it – audio! (from – soon. To be notified exactly when subscribe to this blog.

In the meantime, here’s to completing a few projects.


2 thoughts on “How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim

  1. It’s all cool, very cool. Well done. Looking forward to the book. Hope it explains how to eat chocolate every day and get slimmer. Or is that the title of book 3?


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