The Write Trousers


Writing Trousers - they'll turn heads
Exhibit A: Wendy’s Writing Trousers

My friend Wendy Steele recently confessed to me that she has ‘writing trousers’.

I nearly spat my tea all over her kitchen table. I’ve heard of writers who have a favourite pen (actually, I used to have a favourite editing pen – I was gutted when I lost it), and I know of writing folks who have to use a moleskin journal or the muse just won’t visit them, but ‘writing trousers’ was a new one on me. Needless to say I had to see them for myself. I present the reader with exhibit A.

Writing Trousers, so it seems, are more ‘practical’ than ‘elegant’. You’re unlikely to turn heads when wearing your writing trousers (not unless the head turning is accompanied with a mouth-open expression that says “what the…!?”). The entire purpose of writing trousers is to maintain a high level of comfort, and to carry out their trouser remit with minimal distractions that you might experience from, say, a pair of trendy, ripped in all the right places, but overly tight, jeans.

And the more I think about it the more I realise that I too have writing trousers. In fact, I have a whole writing outfit: On days that I’m here at SoundHaven HQ on my own (CJ doesn’t count. She doesn’t care what I wear so long as I am wearing something to cover my furless body) I prefer to put on a pair of linen thai-chi style tousers, an old but comfortable t-shirt, and my favorite cardigan – which, I hasten to add, I’d never be seen dead in but is so exceptionally soft and offers instant control over the change in office temperature as the sun plays peek-a-boo with the clouds. Add to this a pair of half moon specs and I confess that not only do I feel more comfortable, but were I to break that cardinal rule about creating a character that’s a writer (that should earn me an extra comment or two) he (or she) would pretty much look exactly as I’ve described.

Which brings me to the inevitable question of this month’s post – what do you wear When you write? Assuming you wear anything, of course. Looking forward to reading your comments. Shame it’s not possible for you to post pictures. 🙂

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