Too much writing – A warning to people who write fiction. An old intro page.




Consider this a warning. Too much writing can skew your perspective on life.

If, as I do, you take your inspiration for your writing from the world around, and particularly the world in which you live, you may notice that pretty soon life ceases to be a series of events that happens to you, but more a sequence of events that happens about you.

You catch yourself thinking, “that’s interesting, I wasn’t expecting that,” as if the hideous event you’ve just experienced isn’t actually a set back at all but merely an interesting plot twist. You find yourself wondering “how things are going to turn out,” rather than, “what the hell do I do about this!”

Of course, I could be speaking for myself here. And I’m sure there are those who will ponder on whether I’ve merely developed a defense mechanism against the world and the extreme nature of the plot twist I currently find myself in. They may be right. If I have, it’s working for me.

I’m not going to fill this intro up with the usual babble about how I’ve been too busy to do any writing, mainly because for once, it isn’t true. For the last six months “writing” has been the number one focus in my life. Why? Because after 38 years, I finally figured out that there was never going to come a time when my to-do list would be empty and all those things that stand between me and doing something I enjoy were always going to be there. The only way to have time to write was to say “to hell with it,” sit down, and write.

So, if you haven’t received a birthday card from me, or you’re wondering why I haven’ replied to that email, or you were expecting me to get back to you about this thing or that thing.. and I haven’t.. this’ll be the reason. I’d like to apologise, of course I would, but I suspect that if you count yourselves amongst the group of friends who’ve been so supportive these last months then you’ll understand entirely, and for that I’d like to thank you sincerely.

By way of compensation, you can get a taste of what I’ve been working on on this blog, and as ever I value any thoughts or opinions you might have.

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