It's time to update your website – An old intro page




“You really ought to update your homepage,” said my wife.
“Why? What’s wrong with it?”
“It’s over a year old!”
“Really?” I said. She hates it when I say that.
“Yes!” She said looking around the room for a blunt instrument.

So, over a year then. Blimey. That means this website is nearly TWO years old. And what have I got to show for it? Fifteen feeble attempts at writing, most of which were written a long time ago. I mean a really long time ago. Long before the internet even existed. I know, I know, how is that even possible?

So what on earth have I been doing all this time? Well, aside from earning a living and all that other stuff that gets in the way of putting words on paper (or screen), most of my writing energies have actually been focused on a novel.
“A novel?” I hear you say, “what, like a book, like?”
“Yes,” I reply. “Exactly like a book. Like.”

I don’t want to reveal too much at this stage, but I genuinely have nine and a half chapters written (all first draft obviously, but give me some credit here). And most of those have been written in the last few months so I’m definitely getting faster, if not actually “better”. You can read excerpts on this website – I may post more excepts in the next few weeks if the whim takes me.

So there you are. Even though I haven’t added many new items in the past few months, it’s not like I’ve been sitting around doing bugger all. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. Ok, look, I promise I’ll try harder – there, are you happy now?

Thanks again to anyone and everyone who has sent me the occasional word or two of encouragement. It’s very much appreciated, if not 100% deserved. If you’d like to be kept informed of when I update this website (stop laughing at the back there), please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Happy reading and best wishes,

6 thoughts on “It's time to update your website – An old intro page

  1. I came across your post on Twitter and it made me smile …. a lot, I too had exactly the same problems and every so often on my blog you can find a very similar post to the one you wrote – about how I was going to do better, how I was going to write more, how 2006. 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 was going to be THE year I finally got my act together on my own blog and really owned it.

    And finally, this year I did … I’ve finally found the right voice for the blog and I only realised that was the problem when I also finally acknowledged that this dream I’d had of being an author had actually already come true … several times … since 2005 but I hadn’t really noticed being so far into writing and publishing books that I hadn’t had time to look up.

    Good luck with your new novel and it is a great road to be on 🙂


    1. Hi Linda. It’s odd isn’t it, I turned into a full time author sometime in the last eighteen months, but I can’t exactly say when. It just kind of happened, without any kind of fanfare. Recently the 10,000th sale of How To Do Everything and Be Happy almost slipped by virtually un-noticed. But I’d rather life worked that way than go back to the days of having a static blog and being no closer to the dream.


  2. I wondered about your website, blog etc.. when I was writing because I’d assumed you were already full-time but because this was only posted out on Twitter today I thought it was a fresh post .. silly me! I regularly retweet old posts which have a timeless quality to them as well from my blog and my main websites going back 6/7 years. I rarely however, come across anyone that does the same. Most bloggers seemt to think that it’s a one-off event, you write it and then forget it for it’s in the past which seems a little foolish to me as I would much rather re-use everything I can than keep re-inventing the wheel.

    I think the realisation about being an author and reasonably successful dawned on me slowly even though over the years I’ve had the feedback from readers. It was when my first novel appeared I think that I thought I’d made it – it seems to be doing reasonably well at the moment, which reminds me … more marketing is probably required.

    I shall now go and have a look at your novel pages too and see what’s what about it and thanks for sharing the link in your comment.


    1. Ahhh, you obviously haven’t discovered the delights of the wordpress plug-in ‘tweet old post’ – wonderful little thing that it is. It’s like having a small robotic member of the marketing team. Mind you, perhaps he’s a little too enthusiastic.


  3. You are quite right I haven’t used that plugin, I do it all by scheduling 50 days worth of tweets and updates for each social account through hootsuite instead – it meets my OCD needs beautifully 🙂


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