Memories – in memory of my Grandfather




my grandfather
was a fascinating man
what I learnt in history, was still just a memory to him
he’d tell me stories
about the war, places he’d been, things he’d seen
and about growing up, where he lived, him & Yogie, his brothers, his dad
it was a different world
and his memory seemed to reach back, further than was possible

my grandfather
knew a lot of stuff
he made me realise that knowing stuff is a good thing
I enjoyed listening to his opinions on things I enjoyed watching him argue with my Dad

he was wise
he was philosophical
even now his words rattle around in my head:
“as one door closes, another one opens”
“insurance is nothing more than legalised gambling, and you’ll never win”
“an accountant is a man who can tell you how much it costs to have a wastepaper basket next to your desk”
and he was humble
he was always keen to know more stuff
even from me
and I was just a kid

my grandfather
spent time with me
we went up to London together
he showed me his London, and I showed him mine
I went to his office one day
he showed me computers before anyone I knew had ever seen a computer
he taught me chess
he taught me “patience”
he showed me articles from National Geographic magazine
he sat in the chair, and I sat on the floor
I wish I could have stayed there for ever

my grandfather
treated me like no-one else
he shook my hand
like I was a man
but I was just a kid.

my grandfather
was my Granddad

In loving memory of my grandfather, Arthur Bradley, who passed away on the 21st January 2005.
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